Have some questions about the site or the team? Check below to see if any of our FAQs provide an answer:


What is Let's Go Find a Bug?

Let’s Go Find a Bug is a project created with the goal of providing scientific information about insects you might encounter in your backyard, around your home, or out in the wilderness. Our footage is presented in a way that is scientifically accurate and entertaining at the same time. Our website is the hub for any project updates and insect information, and is currently the only place to find authentic Let’s Go Find a Bug merchandise.


How can I contact you?

Currently, our only means of communication is by email. Please send an email to lets.go.find.a.bug@gmail.com if you have questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or problems with our website, merchandise, or content. We are currently a small team, so it may take us a little while longer than other companies to respond, but we promise to respond to all legitimate emails.


Do you have a return policy?

Returns are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email lets.go.find.a.bug@gmail.com with your name, order number, and reason for return. 


What sorts of business do you do?

On this website, you can find original shirts, hats, and other merchandise designed by team members of Let's Go Find a Bug. This is currently our only business venture, but we will update this page when we expand.


 Do you guys answer bug questions?

Yes we absolutely do! In fact, we love bug questions and are more than happy to answer any bug question you throw at us! You can pose a question by sending us an email or by asking us on our Instagram page.


Where can I find information about insects?

Check out our Bug Blog and our Insect Inquiries pages for information of the entomological sort. If you have insect questions, please leave a post on our Insect Inquiries page and one of our team members will respond. Specific questions can also be emailed to lets.go.find.a.bug@gmail.com too.